A Step-By-Step Guide that Outlines the Essay Writing Process for Students and Teachers

Essay Topic:

Write an essay that proves what kind of character traits the protagonist in your book possesses. Use the characterization notes you went through. Follow the writing process.

Web Instructions:

1. Begin your diagram with a circle in the middle of the page.
2. Inside the circle, write your topic. What type of character is the protagonist of your story?
3. From your circle, draw four or five lines out into the page. Be sure to spread them out.
4. Draw a circle at the end of each line. In the circle, put different adjectives or character traits your character could possess.
5. At the end of each of these lines, draw 5 more circles.
6. In each circle, write examples that prove the character possesses that trait.
o If you are trying to persuade, you want to write your best arguments.
o If you are trying to explain a process, you want to write the steps that should be followed.
o If you are trying to inform, you want to write the major categories into which your information can be divided.

Additional Concepts to Consider Teaching in Greater Depth:

   Thesis Statements
Information is provided in the booklet but you may choose to provide more information on thesis statements, provide more practice, or go over them in more detail.
   Transition Words and Phrases
You may choose to go into greater depth with transition words and phrases to give students a greater understanding of this piece of writing.
   MLA Format
Basic information is provided in the booklet but you may choose to provide more detailed information like how to cite properly or how to format your paper correctly.

You may choose to use the OWL Purdue Online Learning Lab for help. You can find the MLA
Formatting and Style Guide at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/.

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