Establish Your Reward

At the time you set the goal and number three you can also have a mini reward along the way so you can have your reward at the end and then like I said have some mini rewards that you have set along the way and don’t be afraid to to just on a whim sometimes report yourself you know maybe one of you get you wake up one day and you realize wow look at how far I’ve come and in reaching and moving toward this goal of mine you know what I need to celebrate and we’ll do that here at the office sometimes we are so focused and we’re we’re so looking at our target and where we have to go and just really focusing on the the end that we don’t realize we’re making these great accomplishments along the way. Educate yourself onĀ Edusson.

So we will take that time to celebrate and make sure we reward ourselves so we can keep going the next one is one of my favorites commitments Trump it should be Trump desires or a commitment Trump’s desire if you have the reaching stardom workbook that is both on pages 25 and 29 so commitment is so important I talk about it twice in two different places in the workbook but let me fill in the blanks it says personal commitment is extremely important to remain.

So the fill in the blank is remain motivated when you feel discouraged commitment is taking ownership and responsibility so what do I mean by commitment Trump’s desire let me give you a few examples so there are two different things I could have a really strong desire to achieve something and I get that means usually that I’m very excited it’s something that I really want to do so let’s say that I know for women a big desire is to be healthier to lose weight they really desire that but they’re not necessarily does you know excited to go to the gym or do the daily walks or put in the effort that it takes or measuring their food or taking their vitamins.

But if you’re committed you will do it even if you don’t like it even if you don’t feel like it so maybe a I just thought of us very simple example because I just went through this is I had to go to cardiac rehab for several weeks from the surgery I had last August and the rehab was to last for it was 12 weeks 3 days a week and there are only certain times I could go and they were all during the day so I wasn’t really too excited about being away from the office I was excited and looking forward to going to the rehab because I knew it was going to make me stronger and better and prove that I was was healthy but I didn’t like that I was going to be away from the office as I said so much because then my work was getting backlogged that’s where commitment came in I was committed to my health I was committed to doing my rehab.

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