Narrative And Logical Sequence

I try to emphasize with students I’m teaching a narrative is that this chronology in a narrative it doesn’t spend a week a month a year because that’s the first reaction with someone’s trying to write a story this chronology I always try to get them to think in terms of the day or less right because when you start to branch out into a chronology that goes over weeks months years and that’s not a narrative anymore write a narrative is a very significant event that that follows a logical sequence in this sequence the time period is very limited all right and there’s another question it says yeah I’m trying to try to see I have barked something probably well in any cases it’s open to my screen alright so we’re also looking at duck.

So till the events of the story right there moving from one direction to another alright so a good narrative communicates a lesson so at the end there’s always a lesson learned here so what I mean by that this sequence of events shows us that that we have gone through a story and that we communicate it in a way that shows a lesson that was learned from the whole process all right all right so I’m going to give an example right now of what a good narrative looks like and in this case we see that we have rising and falling action so this is what a picture of a narrative should look like so okay there are two all right so a good day or two has a beginning a middle and end so you see here it says exposition rising action and then it says climax it says end of story and then it says an outlet so a good narrative will look like this and everybody rest assured here this looks kind of small here but i’m going to show you in a larger secret so here’s the background information then we have a thesis statement thesis statement tells exactly what the whole essay is about.

And this is your main idea so it’s been the narrative now we have a beginning and a mythical an end and the lesson learned alright alright so I’m going to show you some larger turf this is a specific example of a narrative that was given by one of my students so I’m going to look at this in terms of the background right so the background here is the beginning of the story these are all the who’s what’s when’s Where’s right so this story comes this Darren kid comes from mongolia by a student from mongolia and he talks about a time when he was 10 or 11 years sold it was crying for him to choose his port and he chose the sport wrestling because his father was a wrestler right and when it was six months in the program he decided to take part in take part in a wrestling tournament so he decided to compete in a national tournament and this national tournament taught it so much so at the beginning of the story this is the rising action.

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