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Gone Home Indie Game Review

Now, having said all that, when I checked the rating, I found something very interesting. The rating between the critics and the users were glaringly opposite. In metascore, for critic review, the game scored, 90/100 (based on 28 critics), while the users gave the game a low 4.8 (based on 432 ratings). I have never seen such a polarized score on any game until Gone Home. This made me want to play the game much more.


Read especially if money is tight for you, fellow broke person you!

As mentioned, I will be breaking down the game first which shows the aspects of the game that shined through for me, then at the end, I will explain why I believe what I do concerning whether or not the game is worth it is price. I hope you guys/gals read everything carefully because I believe it is one of those games that are on a balance scale in terms of being great or not, of course this depends on the person as well. Plus, as a fulltime broke college student, I understand how for people where money is tight, every penny counts, so I understand you want to make sure the game you are getting and/or supporting has enough content to live up to it is price. I feel horrible saying it that way, but us monetarily challenged people just do not have the luxury of going, oh well, and shrug it off. As I said, majority of the people who asked me to review this game are in this situation so I hope I write well enough to help everyone with their decision.

First Impression and Gameplay

As I started the game, I was greeted by the voice of the character I am playing, and I do not know if it is just me, but as she talked and because of the atmosphere of the house, I started thinking of the movie, Taken. Afterwards, I finally entered the big house. The first thing I noticed was the scary and ominous vibe of the huge house. I also started thinking that they are one messy people, leaving trash everywhere. If it was an Asian household, such as the one I am living in right now; that shi wont fly son. Sorry, I digressed!

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